Daniel Dugan picture by Victoria Pearson.jpg

Of Cuban-Italian descent, a left-handed ten year-old Daniel Dugan started drawing one continuous line that never intersected.  With hints of the obsessive compulsive, Daniel filled pages and pages with that one continuous line to pass the time, and it became his life-long meditation.  After graduating cum laude in pre-med / biology and assisting in surgeries, Daniel decided to shift professions and use his creative talents.  With no formal fine art training, this self-taught perfectionist developed his organized chaos into his very own unique form and style.  With a minimalist approach highlighted by meticulously surgical attention to detail, Daniel’s work ranges from the design-oriented to the abstract.  Prolifically creating for the past several years, Daniel kept his creations to himself until February 2017 when he debuted four original works at Palm Springs Modernism Week.

Daniel's art and designs have been honored by the LA Times, LA Weekly, California Lux Vibe Magazine, Grammy’s MusiCares Foundation, Dallas Decorator’s Show House, HGTV’s House Hunters: Renovations, and he was featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Traditional Home magazine as one of their chosen "Movers & Makers."

“I have no idea why I started drawing one continuous line. But as more and more life happens for me, I’m finding more meaning in it. I’m learning that all we know in this world is that there is a beginning and ending to things, and everything in between is chaotic and spontaneous and synchronistic and funny.  As I draw and paint the line, I try not to control it; if I see a pattern, I break it.  If I find myself in the same spot again, I wiggle my way out, and move on with the line. Where will it go next?  I don’t know. This is life as I’ve been experiencing it.  And not knowing things is the most beautiful thing -- because then miracles can happen.”  - Daniel Dugan, Artist